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    Hire Local Experts for Carpet Water Damage Repairs Sunshine Coast

    Water damage can happen unexpectedly! Whether it is from a broken pipe, a flood, or a leaky roof, we are ready to help you! Our teams have the skills and experience to repair and restore your carpets to their original condition.

    At Metro Carpet Repair Sunshine Coast, we offer a range of services, including carpet water extraction, drying, dehumidifying, disinfecting, and repairing carpets. Our state-of-the-art equipment help us to quickly and effectively remove water and dry your carpets, minimising the risk of mould and mildew growth. We also use certified products for disinfecting and sanitising your carpets, ensuring a safe and healthy environment.

    We understand the urgency of such services, so our teams are available 24/7 for water-damaged carpet services in Sunshine Coast. Many homemakers rely on DIYs; please remember that DIYs work on the surface level, and home remedies cannot resolve the problems regarding carpet water damaged.

    Do not let water damage ruin your carpets! Call us and book the same-day water damage carpet repair. Sunshine Coast technicians in our centre will help you to get rid of this issue as early as possible.

    Why Choose Metro Carpet Repair Sunshine Coast?

    We provide the best results with honesty and transparency. Our service is to value the customer, their money, time and carpets. Metro Carpet Repair Sunshine Coast is passionate about repairing the carpet and making it clean, hygienic and useable. Our qualified professionals are trained, experienced and talented. They work to ensure complete repair of the carpet. Their dedication and passion have fetched us a name in the industry for the best water damaged carpet repair in Sunshine Coast. Here are some points you should consider before choosing us:

    Industry certification

    Use of highly advanced and latest tools and machines

    Backed with years of experience

    Excellent customer support services

    24/7 availability

    Experts for treating your carpet

    High-quality services at a reasonable price

    Instant and hassle-free booking

    Emergency services available

    Safe chemicals and solvents for carpet repair

    We are recognised as a renowned company that provide excellent carpet repair services. We guarantee our services and provide 100% customer satisfaction. Connect with our staff and make your carpet look like a new one.

    Categories Of Water Damages

    The source of water can be anything from bathtub Waterflow, washing machine overflow, flood, cracked pipes, leakages or clogged toilets. However, there are categories of water and by that category, the damage is measured. These three types of main categories of water can damage your carpet.

    Category 1

    Malfunctioning of dishwasher or washing machine, broken or cracked pipes and sink overflow can make your place messy and ruin your carpet. This water is easy to deal with compared to the next two categories.

    Category 2

    The second category of water is greywater. The source of this type of water contains chemicals that can cause discomfort or sickness. The reason behind this water flow can be a washing machine, sump pump, dishwasher or toilet bowls. The carpet damaged by this type of water needs more care as the professionals are responsible to remove all traces of chemicals and germs.

    Category 3

    The most critical and dangerous category is black water. This type of water flow contains unsanitary and pathogenic agents and chemicals that can cause hazardous health threats to humans and their pets. This water is from sewage, toilet backflow, medical waste, ground surface water, manufacturing waste or river and seawater. If you ignore greywater it can turn into black water in 48 hours. Apart from this, some critical conditions may also have water containing lead, mercury, asbestos and so on.

    These situations need professional treatments. In any above-mentioned case, call us and we will arrive at your place within an hour. Our services of water damaged carpet repair in Sunshine Coast are quick and effective. You can rely on us in case of an emergency. Your carpet and safety are in our hands once you call us.

    Our Methods And Services To Restore And Dry Your Carpet Completely


    Once we reach your site, we examine the area and damaged carpet thoroughly. This assessment is important to detect the type of water damage and category of water.

    Scope of work judgement

    Depending on the damage, we decide a method for repairing the water damaged carpet. Our assessment helps us to judge the scope of work and techniques to use.

    Water extraction technique

    We extract the water from your carpet and make it germ-free. This an important step for further drying and restoration process.

    Mould growth removal

    The moisture can give rise to mould growth in your carpet. This mould growth then results in many health threats. That is why we remove the moisture and make your carpet safe.

    Wet carpet drying service

    After water extraction, we dry the carpet by using heavy-duty air movers for fast drying.

    Stain removal techniques

    We remove all types of stains and make your carpet spotless by or advanced techniques.

    Carpet restretching and Steam cleaning

    If necessary, we restretch and reinstall the carpet to its original place. Steam cleaning for germ-free carpet is required in case of grey and black water. Steam cleaning is necessary to remove chemicals.


    After completion of the entire process, we give a final report of your carpet repair. You can use this report for an insurance claim or your documentation, bills or account settlement.

    Call Us Right Now!

    To have a secure surrounding and hygienic carpet, you need professional’s need. You can’t extract the water and make a carpet germ-free by using home remedies. The worst part is, you don’t have time in this kind of situation to try experiments. Your immediate action is what only counts. So, call us and we will reach your place within an hour of booking.


    1. What if my carpet is damaged by greywater?

    Greywater can damage a carpet completely. However, you can call us in this case of an emergency. If you call us immediately, we can save your carpet from the hazardous effects of greywater.

    2. Should I wait for the water to dry off automatically from my carpet?

    No. Water can damage the carpet completely. If you wait to dry off the water from your carpet then it will get into every part of your carpet. The moisture may then give rise to mould and bacterial growth. It can also lead to bad odour and unhygienic surroundings. The best way to get out of is to call professionals and give the situation in their hand.

    3. Is water damaged carpet an emergency?

    Yes. You must take quick actions if you have got water damaged carpet. No matter the reason behind the wet carpet, you must call the professionals right away and save your carpet from further damages.

    4. What can I do before the professionals arrive for water damaged carpet repair?

    You do not need to do anything before the professionals arrive at your home or office. Avoid walking over the wet damaged carpet as it can harm you in many ways. Try to be away from the damaged area. Keep your pets and kids in distant space for their complete safety. Once our professional reach your place, they will take care of everything.

    5. Are your services guaranteed?

    Yes. We provide 100% guaranteed results and complete customer satisfaction. Our technicians are highly skilled, well-trained and experienced. With the help of advanced machines and unmatched skills, we save your carpet.

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